Wedding Flowers and Palms at Ritz Carlton Sarasota Healing Garden

Ritz Carlton Sarasota-Healing Garden Wedding and Ballroom Reception

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Nicole Kaney, of NK Production was the coordinator for this lovely wedding at the Ritz Carlton, Sarasota. The Healing Garden was the ceremony site at the base of the elegant stairs where palm trees soften the background and sheppard hooks with mini callas, roses and hydrangea lined the aisle.

The warm orange and gold tones looked fabulous in the ballroom at the Ritz, as it ties in with the room’s colors. Natural curly willow branches reached 6′ tall from cylinders vases with a color of Circus, Queen Amazon and Orange Unique rose. Small gold Mokara orchids were tied into the willow branches to pull color on to them. The tall arrangements help to fill the love room and make a statement upon entering.

The bridal couple was seated at a long feasting table with their bridal party, which was designed with a continual composite style arrangement of flowers, branches, moss, grapes and candles at varying heights.

Another happy couple, and another beautiful Ritz Carlton wedding.

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    The work that you do is so beautiful! I was hoping that you could help me answer a quick question. In the pictures above, the one entitled – Healing Garden Ritz Carlton Sarasota, wedding Ritz Carlton Sarasota, NK Production, wedding aisle decor – what do you call the black stand (with the hook) that hangs flowers, that stands in the isle?

    Thank you so much for your help.

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