Two Wedding Looks at Harbourside Longboat Key Club

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Banksia Protea Wedding Centerpiece with Cactus
Close-up of Base of Desert BoHo Wedding Centerpiece with Cactus

One of the best things about living in Sarasota is its versatility when it comes to planning the perfect wedding. Take for example two weddings recently held at the gorgeous Harbourside venue at the Longboat Key Club. Same space but totally different looks and feels!

Our first couple wanted to achieve the eclectic, yet cohesive, bohemian-type atmosphere. For this Desert BoHo look, we were able to utilize a wooden hexagonal arch which was decorated with floral sprays and quicksand roses. When combined with spiked palmetto palm fans, the arches provided the perfect focal point for their ceremony. Miniature hexagonal arches with tall glass terrariums were placed at the rear of the venue (guest entry point) and at alternate aisle ends – but rather than diminish the effect of the center arch by utilizing the same flora, the glass terrariums were filled with cactus and other succulents…same theme, different plants!

Gold tripods with larger plants served as centerpieces for the round guest tables, with blue thistle and Banksia protea but with quicksand roses tucked in to mirror the main arch. Our lead designer, Laura, placed smaller pots with succulents and cacti at the base of each of the tripods to complete the Desert BoHo look. Dreamcatchers with Eucalyptus sprigs were provided at each place setting , thanks to Swanky Soiree’s masterful planning.

Fast forward to a second wedding – same venue, totally different look. This couple sought more of a “festive feast” feel. The reception featured a long wooden feasting table, and our gold oblong Bentley bowls were perfectly shaped and sized for centerpieces. Mingled among the display of fruits were Playa Blanca garden roses, coral ranunculus and spray roses with Juliette peach and deep red Hearts to add even more color and lushness.

The guest tables featured small gold vases with flowers, candles and fruit, including cut pomegranates which gave the rich deep red color to the vignette, and pineapples flanked the centerpieces to accentuate the festive feast theme of this gourmet delight.

Thanks as always to the following vendors for their fabulous contributions to these events which showcased the amazing versatility of the venue.

Wedding Venue | Harbourside Ballroom at Longboat Key Club
Planner | Christina Harris, Swanky Soiree
Menu Cards | Christina Harris, Swanky Soiree
Flowers | Flowers by Fudgie

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