Outdoors at the Powel Crosley

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A beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony recently took place on the loggia of the fabulous Powel Crosley Estate and Museum.  We used the natural arch over the two steps to the ceremony location, and decorated sheer tied back fabric with large floral sprays of white snapdragons, quicksand roses and greenery to include baby blue and silver dollar eucalyptus. Our lovely bride loved the shimmery silver green of the silver dollar eucalyptus, so we utilized it in all of the floral arrangements!

The guest entry area was flanked with two large arrangements which matched, on a grander scale, the other floral pieces. The entire reception was held outside, crowned by the magnificent chandelier over what was to become the dance floor later on. Long and round tables were both utilized for the reception. For the round tables, we were able to continue the floral theme utilizing gold-footed bowls with quicksand roses, snapdragons and lots of eucalyptus. The rectangular family tables were decorated with long garlands of silver dollar eucalyptus, and the bridesmaids’ bouquets, which contained quicksand roses and white ranunculus, were placed on the long tables for contrast. 

The gorgeous bride carried a spectacular bouquet of cream blush white O’Hara roses, white ranunculus and, OF COURSE, the shimmery silver dollar eucalyptus. Her handsome groom’s boutonniere was a simple white ranunculus. 

According to tradition, the eucalyptus leaf has a purifying effect, as all negative energy disappears in the place where you find it. We know that there was NO negative energy anywhere here, as the bride and groom exchanged their vows and celebrated their future life together surrounded by friends, family and, yes, lots and lots of eucalyptus. We wish them all the best!

As always, it was a delight to work alongside these fabulous vendors to make this event a success:

Venue: Powell Crosley Estate
Photography: Justin Demutiis Photography
Drapery, lighting, chandelier: Affairs in the Air

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